Bringing Health and Wholeness to Church Families
and Para-Church Ministries

Want to change lives?

Through RPM Consulting, Dr. Kellemen provides biblical wisdom to churches and para-church organizations. Bob’s passion is church and para-church health and wholeness—spiritually, relationally, and emotionally. His areas of expertise and focus include:

  • 4E Ministry Training Strategy: Equipping Lay Counselors, Care Givers, and Spiritual Friends: Christian leaders are passionate about equipping lay counselors, care givers, and spiritual friends for one another ministry. However, most leaders are terrified about the process—fearing legal issues, quality of care matters, training material questions, supervisory difficulties, and many other legitimate concerns. Step-by-step, Dr. Kellemen walks hand-in-hand with leadership to empower them to equip their people for the work of the ministry (Ephesians 4:11-16). Leaders learn how to envision God’s ministry, enlist God’s ministers for ministry, equip godly ministers for ministry, and to empower godly ministers for ministry.
  • The Nehemiah Change Management and Conflict Resolution Model: The wise leader counts the cost and plans ahead through preventative team building and change management principles. However, even the best laid plans may go “south” in a fallen world. Then biblical, relational principles of conflict resolution must be implemented. Using principles from Nehemiah, James, and other relevant Scripture, Dr. Kellemen assists church families and para-church ministries to progress toward health and wholeness.
Through this consultation aspect of RPM Ministries, Dr Kellemen offers:
  • A Referral Network: Please visit our Ministry Links page under: Equipping Pastors and Local Churches and Assisting with Church Conflict Resolution.
  • Email and Phone Consultation: Confidential, wise, e-mail and phone consultation as you work through issues in your ministry. E-mail Bob at or call him at 219-662-8138. The initial contact is free. If ongoing contact is desired, a fee structure will be outlined.

Off-site and On-Site Ministry: Ministry development strategies, vision casting, and change management often require off-site work and on-site visits. Contact Dr. Kellemen at 219-662-8138 if you are interested in learning more about his combination off-site and on-site ministry consultation.

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  1. Your wealth of information based on your site is awesome. I would like to develop a Biblical Counseling Program at the college that I work for. Please help!!

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