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  1. Rich, Thanks for the encouraging words. I can actually do better than getting the article. You can get the book from which I excerpted the article. Sacred Friendships: Celebrating the Legacy of Women Heroes of the Faith contains that article, plus narratives of over 50 additional women soul care givers. The book is available on my site at 40% off. Bob

  2. Subject: Request For sending Spritual books/booklets through postal mail
    I am Christian believer striving to strengthen my spiritual life so that I can live according to the will of God and serve His eternal purpose. As a result of My searching for Spiritual books, booklets, magazines I have read that you have couple of bible class guide books but due to lack of adequate access to Printing and high cost of printing in the business sector I cannot download and Thus I am writing to request if you can send Me some selected books/booklets or other spiritual resources from the available through my postal mail as stated below.Hooping to hear your positive response, God
    bless you
    Haftay Adhana——1147
    Postal code—–251

  3. Dr. Kellemen – I met and spoke with you for a bit at last year’s AACC. Since then, I’ve been absorbing and digesting Soul Physicians, and it’s done as much for my personal intimacy with the Lord God as it has done in giving me what I need to offer Biblical Counseling as a ministry for patients. What an important work. I can’t thank you enough.

  4. Hi ~

    Just found your site via the AACC magazine article you wrote, Biblical Counseling FAQs. I’ve added your blog to my favorites list, and look forward to looking through all the resources you’ve provided on your site.

    Always good to find another partner in the ministry of counseling and spiritual formation!

  5. Just found your site. Not too familiar with you or your ministry. Still, the youth pastor’s wife wishes she had more skill in counciling, as do I, and we’re both rather peaved with Scripture coated secular stuff as well as the one verse fits all stuff. I’ve studied some things on my own but nobody can absorb it. (Things like: anger needs to be comforted! and, the addictions of our youth are God given comforts gone awry because God was excluded from them.) Anyway, I can’t help her, so do you have suggestions on what she can do to get help to help others?

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