Gospel-Centered Counseling

Gospel-Centered Counseling--How Christ Changes Lives

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Learn God’s answers to life’s 8 ultimate questions in Gospel-Centered Counseling. Together, these 8 ultimate life questions seek to answer the biblical counselor’s foundational question: “What would a model of biblical counseling and discipleship look like that was built solely upon Christ’s gospel of grace?”

  • The Word: “Where do we find wisdom for life in a broken world?”
  • The Trinity/Community: “What comes into our mind when we think about God?” “Whose view of God will we believe—Christ’s or Satan’s?”
  • Creation: “Whose are we?” “In what story do we find ourselves?”
  • Fall: “What’s the root source of our problem?” “What went wrong?”
  • Redemption: “How does Christ bring us peace with God?” “How does Christ change people?”
  • Church: “Where can we find a place to belong and become?”
  • Consummation: “How does our future destiny with Christ make a difference in our lives today as saints who struggle against suffering and sin?”
  • Sanctification: “Why are we here?” “How do we become like Jesus?” How can our inner life increasingly reflect the inner life of Christ?”

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  1. Greetings from Mexico. I ordered Bob Kellemen´s Gospel-Centered Counseling through a friend in the US, and I was wondering how I can get the “study guide” as mentioned in the Introduction and in an interview to Bob in the ABC website. As I said, I didn´t purchase it directly by myself (I don´t have a credit card) but I´d love to have it. I´m a biblical counseling teacher at a local seminary since 2002 and a pastor. God bless!

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