Gospel-Centered Counseling

Gospel-Centered Counseling--How Christ Changes Lives

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Learn God’s answers to life’s 8 ultimate questions in Gospel-Centered Counseling. Together, these 8 ultimate life questions seek to answer the biblical counselor’s foundational question: “What would a model of biblical counseling and discipleship look like that was built solely upon Christ’s gospel of grace?”

  • The Word: “Where do we find wisdom for life in a broken world?”
  • The Trinity/Community: “What comes into our mind when we think about God?” “Whose view of God will we believe—Christ’s or Satan’s?”
  • Creation: “Whose are we?” “In what story do we find ourselves?”
  • Fall: “What’s the root source of our problem?” “What went wrong?”
  • Redemption: “How does Christ bring us peace with God?” “How does Christ change people?”
  • Church: “Where can we find a place to belong and become?”
  • Consummation: “How does our future destiny with Christ make a difference in our lives today as saints who struggle against suffering and sin?”
  • Sanctification: “Why are we here?” “How do we become like Jesus?” How can our inner life increasingly reflect the inner life of Christ?”

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  1. Greetings from Mexico. I ordered Bob Kellemen´s Gospel-Centered Counseling through a friend in the US, and I was wondering how I can get the “study guide” as mentioned in the Introduction and in an interview to Bob in the ABC website. As I said, I didn´t purchase it directly by myself (I don´t have a credit card) but I´d love to have it. I´m a biblical counseling teacher at a local seminary since 2002 and a pastor. God bless!

  2. Lucy,

    Gospel-Centered Counseling provides the theological foundation by taking the ten classic systematic theology doctrines and addressing them as life’s 8 ultimate question. These are questions that every person, every biblical counselor, and every counselee must address in order to have wisdom for living life in a broken world.

    Then Gospel Conversations builds on this foundation. It provides 4 compass points for biblical counseling: sustaining and healing for providing comfort and encouragement in suffering, and reconciling and guiding for speaking truth in love to help people to grow in Christ. Gospel Conversations trains people in 21 biblical counseling relational competencies.


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