Gospel Conversations: How to Care Like Christ

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Why You’ll Want to Read Gospel Conversations

Be equipped for 21 biblical counseling relational competencies. Together, these 21 counseling skills equip you to care like Christ. Learn the biblical and church history gospel conversation arts of:

  • Sustaining: Helping people to know that “It’s normal to hurt” by providing gospel-centered, Christlike comfort and care.
  • Healing: “Helping people to find Christ-shaped hope so they know ‘It’s possible to hope” by providing gospel-centered, Christlike encouragement.
  • Reconciling: Helping people to see life through Christ-tinted lenses so they know “It’s horrible to sin, but wonderful to be forgiven” by providing gospel-centered Christlike enlightenment to the wonders of the gospel of Christ.
  • Guiding: Helping people to avail themselves of Christ’s resurrection power so they know that “It’s supernatural to mature” by providing gospel-centered, Christlike vision that applies the gospel to their daily lives.

Here’s why Pastor Brian Croft wants you to read Gospel Conversations:

“Bob has a unique gift to take the truths of the gospel he knows so well, and skillfully move them to the heart and help others do the same. Gospel Conversations: How to Care Like Christ is one of the finest demonstrations of that skillful movement I have ever read.”  

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