5 to Live By: 5 Top Christian Blog Posts of the Week

5 to Live By: 5 Top Christian Blog Posts of the Week 

Linking you to the top 5 Christian blog posts of the week—posts that provide robust, rich, and relevant insights for living. 

What Works for Websites Today? 

For years Seth Godin has been the “guru” of Internet marketing. Today he reflects on all that he’s written and summarizes his web philosophy: 

“I stand with a series of questions that will expose the challenges of any website (and the problems of the organization that built it): 

• Who is this site for?

• How did they find out about it?

• What does the design remind them of?

• What do you want them to do when they get here?

• How will they decide to do that, and what promises do you make to cause that action? 

The only reason to build a website is to change someone. If you can’t tell me the change and you can’t tell me the someone, then you’re wasting your time. 

If you get all of this right, if you have a clear, concise point of view, then you get the chance to focus on virality, on social, on creating forward motion. But alas, virtually all organizational sites are narcissistic and (at the same time) afraid and incomplete. 

Answer your visitor when he asks, ‘Why am I here?’” 

Read the rest of Seth’s post on What Works for Websites Today?  

Getting Started in Social Media 

Today’s Five to Live By is shaping up to be something of a Primer on Social Media. Ed Stetzer provides just that in a post where he provides all the basic nuts-and-bolts for anyone, especially those in ministry, who want to Get Started in Social Media. He even basically says that it’s a sin for pastors not to tweet! Disagree? (I do, but I get his point.) Read his post… 

PCUSA Rejects Hymn In Christ Alone 

Now this is both fascinating and depressing. Denny Burk notes that the Presbyterian Church USA has voted not to allow In Christ Alone into their hymnal. In Christ Alone is my all-time-favorite Christian hymn. I want it sung at my funeral. So why in the world would they disallow it? Read PCUSA Rejects Hymn In Christ Alone to find out.  

140 Free Resources on the Christian Life 

David Murray is prolific. So, he goes on vacation, but before he goes he takes copious time (only a blogger would know how long his post had to take to collate all these resources, to craft, and to embed all those links) to link you to 140 Free Resources on the Christian Life 

I don’t always agree with 100% of what David writes, but then, after reading my own stuff, I don’t always agree with 100% of what I’ve written! But David is always thought-provoking, and always probing and applying Scripture with compassion and wisdom. 

Frankly, he’s one of my top five favorite Christian bloggers in the world. So, if he’s linking you to 140 free resources on the Christian life, I recommend that you take a look! And…return in the coming days as he provides additional posts with links to more free resources on other topics such as counseling, leadership, preaching, etc. 

How Should a Pastor Approach Pre-Marital Counseling? 

Pastor Brian Croft asks and begins a conversation around the question How Should a Pastor Approach Pre-Marital Counseling?  

You’ll also want to check out Brian’s link to his Recommended Resources Page 

Join the Conversation 

Which post impacted you the most? Why? What additional blog posts from the past week do you recommend? 

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